About Me

Hi! I'm Rachel!
I started this blog in the end of 2011, when I could not find my dream job right out of college.  Well it is now 2013 and I have still not found my dream job but now I am getting married and have taken up what I would consider to be a pretty healthy lifestyle.  I am always cooking and eating, and now going to the gym. 

In 2011 when I started this blog it was super professional and was mainly focused on fashion and home decor.  These things are still really awesome and I love them a whole lot but I deleted all those and now I want to make this blog a lot more personal.  I am going to share my weight loss journey, details about my wedding, skinny recipes that I cook, things that I find pretty and a whole lot more.  This time around I am committing myself to giving you better quality and slowly develop this baby instead of trying to do everything at once!

I hope you enjoy everything that I am going to share with you if you need to contact me you can do so at savoryandsuede@gmail(dot)com

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